Variable-based ConfigurationΒΆ

You can configure your executions by using standard environment variables.

We record and highlight what environmental variables were used if you define them through the web UI, command-line client parameters or step.environment-variables definitions.

By default, Valohai defines the following environment variables:

VH_CONFIG_DIR=/valohai/config           # info about the execution itself
VH_INPUTS_DIR=/valohai/inputs           # downloaded files will be saved
VH_OUTPUTS_DIR=/valohai/outputs         # save files to be uploaded
VH_REPOSITORY_DIR=/valohai/repository   # your git repository code,
                                        # also the working directory

# the following will change between each execution
# it includes the execution UUID


In your code, you can check if VH_JOB_ID exists to know if you are running on Valohai.