Variable-based ConfigurationΒΆ

You can configure your executions by using standard environment variables.

We record and highlight what environmental variables were used if you define them through the web UI, command-line client parameters or step.environment-variables definitions.

By default, Valohai defines the following environment variables:

VH_CONFIG_DIR=/valohai/config           # info about the execution itself
VH_INPUTS_DIR=/valohai/inputs           # downloaded files will be saved
VH_OUTPUTS_DIR=/valohai/outputs         # save files to be uploaded
VH_REPOSITORY_DIR=/valohai/repository   # your git repository code,
                                        # also the working directory

# the following will change between each execution
# it includes the execution UUID


In your code, you can check if VH_JOB_ID exists to know if you are running on Valohai.

Special environment variablesΒΆ

For private environments where Google Cloud TPU is enabled, this environment variable will contain the GRPC endpoint(s) of the allocated Cloud TPU(s), separated by spaces. This may be passed in as the argument for TPUClusterResolver, e.g. TPUClusterResolver(tpu=os.environ["VH_TPU"].split()).get_master() or similar. When TPUs are not enabled, this variable will not be set.