Add Azure Blob Storage

In this guide, we’ll link a private Azure storage account blob container to a Valohai project.

On Azure, you create storage accounts that have multiple services attached. One of those services is blob container, which is Valohai’s main interface on Azure-based installations.


  • An Microsoft Azure subscription you can administer

  • A Valohai project which to link the Azure Blob Storage to

Create an Azure storage account and a blob container

Using an existing Azure Blob storage

You can skip this part and go directly to the next section, if you’re using an existing Storage container

  • Create an Azure Storage Account in your Microsoft Azure subscription.

  • Select storage account name and location. Create the storage account in the location you’ll be running your work to reduce transfer costs.

  • Click on Containers on the navigation bar on the right side.

  • Click on + Container

  • Give the container a name like valohai-sample and keep the public access level as Private.

  • Click Create

Configure CORS for the blob container

What is CORS?

CORS is an HTTP feature that enables a web application running under one domain ( to access resources in another domain (your storage). Read more at Microsoft Docs

If you wish to be able to upload files to the store using the web UI, you will need to add a CORS policy document to the blob container.

  • Click on CORS on the navigation bar on the right side.

  • Make sure the Blob service tab is elected

  • Add the following 2 lines of configuration:



Allowed Headers

Exposed Headers

Max Age










Now your blob container allows uploads through web application.

Azure storage account CORS settings page.

Record access key for later usage

Using the Azure portal, find and save access key under storage account Access keys tab. This will be added to Valohai in the next step.

Azure storage account access key page.

Add the store to Valohai

Data Stores can be either configured on the project level, or shared across your organization.

  • Open a project in the web application

  • Click on the Data Store table

  • Click on Add Azure Blob Storage Store

  • Add in the details you created in the Azure portal

  • The store name is the name that will be visible on Valohai. Make it something you recognie (e.g. <organization-name>-store)

  • (optional) Click on Make project default store to make it the default upload location for this project.

When you create the store, the provided access key will be validated.

Valohai data store listing page.

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