Access BigQuery from an execution

You can access BigQuery from your Valohai executions to run queries.


This guide assumes that you have an existing BigQuery data warehouses with your data.

Create a Service Account

The easiest way to authenticate your Valohai jobs with BigQuery is using a GCP Service Account.

  • Go to your GCP Project that hosts all the Valohai resources

  • Navigate to IAM -> Service Accounts

  • Create a new a service account

  • Give the service account BigQuery User permissions.

Share the email of the service account with Valohai with the information on which environments you’d like to attach this service account to. Each Valohai environment can be configured to use a different service account.

Accessing BigQuery from another GCP Project

If your BigQuery data is in a different GCP Project than your Valohai resources, you’ll need to go to that project and give the newly created service account BigQuery User permissions there.

In this case your service account doesn’t need BigQuery User and BigQuery Data Viewer permissions in the project where you have just the Valohai resources, but no BigQuery data.

Connect to BigQuery

In your code you can use the Python Client for Google BigQuery and directly connect to the BigQuery. When you launch your Valohai executions, choose the environment that has the service account attached and it will be automatically authenticated with the service account credentials.

from import bigquery

bqclient = bigquery.Client(project='myproject')

# Download query results.
query_string = """
        CAST(id as STRING)) as url,
FROM `bigquery-public-data.stackoverflow.posts_questions`
WHERE tags like '%google-bigquery%'
ORDER BY view_count DESC

df = (


You’ll need to have the google-cloud-bigquery[bqstorage,pandas] packages run the example above.

pip install --upgrade 'google-cloud-bigquery[bqstorage,pandas]'