Upload data to Valohai


Uploading files from the web app is designed for small files. Please check your cloud providers recommendation, if you’re looking to upload large sets of data to your cloud storage.

This guide shows you how to upload files to your cloud storage directly from the Valohai web app.

  • Login to app.valohai.com

  • Open your project

  • Click on your Project’s Data tab

  • Click on the Upload tab

  • Choose the right data store from the dropdown on the right side

  • Select files from your local machine

  • Click Upload

Navigate back to the Browse tab when upload has completed. You should see your uploaded file on the top of the list.

Click on ... at the end of the row to get the link to the data file.

Get a link to data file


If you uploaded your file to a Valohai owned data store you’ll see only a datum:// link. Datum links are unique links that point to specific files in the Valohai platform.

If you upload files to your own data store you’ll also see a link that your cloud provider understands (e.g. s3://, azure://, or gs://).

You can use either link in your Valohai executions.