Testing your deployment endpoints

Quick introduction to deployments

  • Valohai deployments are primarily used for online inference

  • All deployments are served from a Kubernetes cluster

  • Each deployment can contain multiple versions, and each version can contain multiple HTTP endpoints

  • For more details, see Core Concepts: Deployments

You can test your deployment endpoints directly from the Valohai web app.

  • Login to app.valohai.com

  • Open your project

  • Click on your Project’s Deployment tab

  • Select an existing deployment

  • Click on the Test deployment button

  • Select your endpoint from the drop-down

  • Add the fields that your endpoint is expecting

  • Click on the Send request button

Depending on what your endpoint is expecting, you can send it either text or a file e.g. an image.

You’ll get the response from your inference service directly in your browser.