Using Webhooks with Valohai

Webhooks allow you to automatically trigger messages from Valohai to your application when an Valohai executions state changes.

For example, you could trigger a message from Valohai when:

  • an execution completes or fails

  • a task completes or fails

  • a deployment completes or fails

In your application you could then receive this message from Valohai to for example post an update on a Slack channel, send an email, or start another internal process.


You can also use tools like IFTTT and Zapier to automate your workflows with Webhooks.

Setup a webhook

Setup your webhooks under Project -> Settings.

  1. Go to project settings

  2. Navigate to the Notifications tab

  3. Open Channels

  4. Click on Create a new channel and add your webhook details

  5. Open Project Notifications

  6. Click on Create new notification routing

  7. Choose your event and channel

  8. Save the routing

Example of webhook message

Below an example of a message your application would receive for a completed Valohai execution.

    "project": "016f3203-4a8c-969e-078c-52ab66947746",
    "title": "Execution finished: demo/cool-tensorflow/#736 (completed)",
    "type": "execution_completed",
    "body": "Execution [demo/cool-tensorflow/#736]( (by demouser)\nfinished with duration 11:01.",
    "url": "/p/demo/cool-tensorflow/execution/0178f482-8686-fb28-8af1-3d36af38079d/",
    "data": {
    "valohai.execution-counter": 736,
    "valohai.execution-ctime": "2021-04-21T12:58:18.119973+00:00",
    "valohai.execution-duration": 660.0186445713043,
    "valohai.execution-id": "0178f482-8686-fb28-8af1-3d36af38079d",
    "valohai.execution-qtime": "2021-04-21T12:58:18.201116+00:00",
    "valohai.execution-status": "complete",
    "valohai.execution-step": "Train model (MNIST)",
    "valohai.execution-title": null,
    "valohai.project-id": "016f3203-4a8c-969e-078c-52ab66947746",
    "valohai.project-name": "demo/cool-tensorflow",
    "valohai.creator-id": 3323,
    "valohai.creator-name": "demouser",
    "valohai.commit-identifier": "4d34124453b680daa0ecb881bcf1bd735a3bf99d"