How to Use On-premises Workers

On-premises Valohai Enterprise installation includes local Valohai workers.

After on-premises worker setup and onboarding, there are four ways to use your local workers:

  1. Set project default environment as the on-premises worker environment under Project > Settings > Basic Information > Default Environment.
  2. Set step default environment as environment: <ENVIRONMENT_SLUG> in valohai.yaml.
  3. Overwrite the environment on web interface with create execution environment dropdown.
  4. Overwrite the environment by specifying vh exec run -e <ENVIRONMENT_SLUG>.

If you are unsure what is the “slug” of your on-premises environment, you can run vh environments on your Valohai command-line client after login.


When using on-premises workers, downloading and uploading files can be slow so we advice not to use /valohai/inputs and /valohai/outputs except for small files.