The command section defines one or more commands that are run during execution.

For example, the following configuration file defines two steps:

- step:
    name: hardware-check
    image: tensorflow/tensorflow:0.12.1-devel-gpu
    command: nvidia-smi

- step:
    name: environment-check
    image: python:3.6
      - printenv
      - python --version
  • hardware-check: executes nvidia-smi to check the status of server GPU using tensorflow/tensorflow:0.12.1-devel-gpu Docker image.

  • environment-check: executes printenv followed by python --version to check how the runtime environment looks like inside python:3.6 Docker image.


The platform will mark execution as crashed if the last command returns an error code other than 0. It sometimes makes sense to add a last python command that verifies that everything went smoothly.