You work and collaborate on projects; a project is a space for tackling a specific machine learning problem or domain. If you have used GitHub, projects in Valohai are a lot like code repositories.

A project is linked to a remote git repository. You can use any git hosting service, not just GitHub but also e.g. BitBucket and GitLab.

Each of these linked repositories include a valohai.yaml configuration file that defines what kind of “runs” can be executed in the context of that project.

Here are more in-depth example repositories which have valohai.yaml defined:

We also have a few example project tutorials to get you started right away.

See also

Iterative experimentation is also supported using our vh command-line client, try out our quick start command-line client tutorial to get a taste how it works.

Project ownership

Projects can be owner by a individual user, an organization or by a team inside an organize. The project ownership defines who has access to the project, data outputs etc.

You can easily add new Collaborators to a project, to invite individual users who are not part of the original ownership scope. For example an external partner, end-customer or someone from the organization who is not part of the team that owns the project.