Valohai fundamentals

This learning path is designed for those who have no previous experience from using Valohai. It will guide you through a Python Tutorial, where you get to run your first executions in Valohai and learn about parameters, inputs, collecting metadata, and outputs.

Learning objectives:

  • Setting up Valohai

  • Using parameters

  • How to input data

  • Collecting and working with metadata

  • How to use Valohai outputs

In this tutorial we will be using simple Python scripts and sample data. At the end of this path you will know how to run executions in Valohai both from the CLI (command line interface) and from the UI and are ready to start working with your own code and data.

This learning path uses the the valohai-utils helper library for Python that you can import to your script and use the command line tools to generate the valohai.yaml config file.

Valohai is completely language and framework agnostic. This quickstart is available also in Python without the valohai-utils library even though it’s strongly recommended to use it.