Valohai 101

The Valohai 101 Tutorials continue from where the Valohai fundamentals learning path left off. Similarly to the learning path, the examples shown in this section are written in Python and use the valohai-utils helper library. Neither of these is a strict requirement for using Valohai and all the examples in the Tutorials can be replicated in other languages and also in Python without valohai-utils.

If you want to get started for example with R, please take a look at our R example project. In case you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do that directly through the chat bubble at or over email:


Are you looking for the Valohai 101 quickstart tutorial?

The beginner guide has been moved to Valohai fundamentals learning path.

We suggest continuing with the tutorials mentioned below, after you’ve completed the learning path.